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Web content does not restrict use of input modalities available on a platform except where the restriction is essential, required to ensure the security of the content, or required to respect user settings. For user interface components with labels that include text or images of text, the name contains the text that is presented visually. This requirement applies to web content that interprets pointer actions (i.e. this does not apply to actions that are required to operate the user agent or assistive technology). Make it easier for users to operate functionality through various inputs beyond keyboard. This success criterion covers sections within writing, not user interface components.

This information should be provided in a form that users can use, preferably machine-readable metadata. Web-based products that do not have a URI prior to installation on the customer’s Web site may have a statement that the product would conform when installed.

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A full page includes each variation of the page that is automatically presented by the page for various screen sizes (e.g. variations in a responsive Web page). Each of these variations needs to conform (or needs to have a conforming alternate version) in order for the entire page to conform.

  • The same token will be sent if Chrome is later reinstalled at first launch and at first use of the Omnibox after reinstallation or reactivation.
  • On desktop versions of Chrome, a token unique to your device is generated.
  • On iOS, Chrome uses the IDFA https://wikidll.com/microsoft/msvcp71-dll for counting installations acquired by a campaign, and it can be reset in iOS settings.
  • Rather than storing the token on the computer, it is generated when necessary by using built-in system information that is scrambled in an irreversible manner.

This success criterion is primarily for Web authors who develop or script their own user interface components. For example, standard HTML controls already meet this success criterion when used according to specification. Labels or instructions are provided when content requires user input.

A screenplay used to create the synchronized media content would meet this definition only if it was corrected to accurately represent the final synchronized media after editing. A list of user agents, including assistive technologies that were used to test the content. A list of success criteria beyond the level of conformance claimed that have been met.

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Changes of context are initiated only by user request or a mechanism is available to turn off such changes. Changing the setting of any user interface component does not automatically cause a change of context unless the user has been advised of the behavior before using the component. When any user interface component receives focus, it does not initiate a change of context. Information and the operation of user interface must be understandable.

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