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Although a Nintendo device, the Wii is more than capable of running ROMs from other consoles. WiiSX and PCSX-Revolution allow for PS1 gaming on the Nintendo Wii.

And this isn’t the only licensed franchise Activision has dropped, resulting in “lost“ games. All companies should do, is learn from the reasons why these sites exist in the first place, and REALLY listen to their fans, and just get that stuff online themselves. As long as they do it in a way, that isn’t ripping us off, by charging amounts that are two to three times too high for decades old games, then they’ll win most people over. Many GBA games can only be played thanks to emulation, same for gamecube games. What Needs to happen is create some sort of GOG for Console games, playing old games legally is becoming more and more difficult.

Even CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays aren’t immune to this – ‚Bit Rot‘ is a very real danger that is already claiming optical media that many ‚experts‘ told us would last forever not so long ago. First up though, let’s discuss why Nintendo bringing the hammer down on ROM-sharing sites is a good thing. In short, these sites were profiting from handing out copyrighted material which they had absolutely no ownership of; from a purely legal perspective, it’s an open and shut case. Arguably the most comprehensive Nintendo Wii emulator is WiiMednahen. This awesome option supports consoles including the GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Neo Geo Pocket, WonderSwan, Genesis, Lynx, and more.

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Just imagine a world where all movies and music bought on a device would need that specific model of device to be played and wouldn’t play on anything else. 3DS ROMs But somehow, gamers seem to STILL consider this as "normal" somehow. Of course, this just makes getting the games harder, should someone want to play them.

You could argue that the morally correct way of accessing these titles would be to source copies of the physical versions, but this isn’t always a failsafe method. The most obvious roadblock is cost – the game itself may have risen in value dramatically over the years, making a purchase unfeasible. Then there’s longevity; like any physical media, video game software has a finite lifespan. Cartridges, as sturdy as they seem, will eventually become unplayable, while volatile media like cassettes and floppy discs become de-magnetised over time, and therefore useless.

  • Note that this can contain some spoilers to those who have not played this game.
  • (Or something along these lines, I don’t know the English message as I have the German version of the game).
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  • On my regular DS the game works just fine, but as stated above I don’t wanna use my regular DS.

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We all know some official Nintendo Virtual Console releases were actually based on ROMs from these sites, which means even Nintendo don’t have all those games archived. So I really hope Nintendo doesn’t shut down all those sites, because otherwise some games will be lost forever. Therefore, the preservation of these titles becomes incredibly important; when someone dumps the ROM of one of these games, they are essentially saving it from the digital abyss. Sites which distribute ROMs illegally are harmful to the industry, but when companies like Nintendo are using them as a source, what does that say about the state of video game preservation?

Check out the full list of Wii homebrew emulatorsvia WiiBrew. For arcade games, SDL MAME and SDL MAME Wii emulate MAME ROMs. GxGeo plays Neo Geo games, while NeoCD-Wii supports Neo Geo CD games. And you can play MSX games with MiiSX, uMSX, and BlueMSX-Wii. While Wii NES, SNES, N64, and PS1 emulators might be the most popular options, you can play loads of ROMs of other, less popular systems on the Nintendo Wii as well.

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Install WiiSX or PSCX-Revolution to play classics like Metal Gear Solid, and Final Fantasy VII on your Nintendo Wii. If you wish to utilize a Playstation 3 or xbox Lightweight game player to play your Nintendo DSi games, the same guidelines apply.

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