Need To Know: Amazing Features Of Viber Messenger Application On Android You Didn’t Know Yet [Part 2].

One of the Viber’s main features is that, once downloaded, it instantly syncs with a user’s contact list with no need to add the contacts manually. @elkantatero Anyone encountering problem with Viber on Laptop? I mean, I receive notifications on my mobile phone pero not on my laptop for the past 2 days.

Models of the Xperia Z5 series in collaboration with Telenor were the first to launch 4G and Wifi voice in the Norwegian market. After a software update related to this feature, some Z5 series users experienced problems with their network connection.

The Viber Mobile Application

You can also see the time and date stamps with each message. But what if you want to monitor the Viber conversations from a remote location without accessing their phone?

If that protection wasn’t there, you could intercept those texts/pictures/whatever before they arrived at their destination. Essentially, this means that everything you send and receive can only be accessed by the participants of that conversation. You found that your kid has been sending inappropriate texts and pictures and want to prevent that from happening again. You APK X Mobi don’t fully trust your kids with their own phone just yet. Choose one of the terms below and share access with the rest of your institution.

Snapchat (for Android)

As mentioned, WhatsApp is rather unpopular within the United States. In fact, a lot of Americans had never heard of the company before Facebook bought it in 2014. However, the green messaging app – which is the market leader globally – is slowly seeing rising usage statistics in the US.

  • Send short instant voice and video messages up to 30 seconds long.
  • Viber Messenger appeared close to the time of the WhatsApp initial release but at the time did not gain the popularity of WhatsApp.
  • I accidentally logged in on Viber on another phone so my history got wiped , but I still have the history on my PC, atleast some of it.
  • Additionally, you can chat with your customers/website visitors in real time and increase your sales by integrating the Live Chat software Output Desk through the standard API/Addon.
  • Now this cross-platform communication app can also be used on your computers once you have created its account on your smartphone.

Both apps have free audio and video calling to other contacts, groups, broadcast messages, and can sync with multiple platforms. Voxer is a walkie talkie (PTT – push to talk) messenger and their main feature is voice messages. Just like with any other chat app, you can also send text messages, media files, and GPS location. However, you can’t use it to chat with friends who do not have a Gmail account. With this app, you can create group chats, send files, and search the text messages. You can connect and chat with all your friends who have a Gmail account.

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