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In terms of intimate relationships, many spouses or romantic partners have reported that they experience difficulty connecting emotionally with the HFA. Alcohol is the HFA’s best friend and it is hard for anyone to compete with that relationship. In addition, these loved ones will report that while the HFA may provide for the family financially, that they are not able to be supportive emotionally. This can happen in a subtle manner over time, but can ultimately damage and destroy families. You may know that alcohol is a problem for you. However, the rest of your life looks pretty good, at least to the outside world. So many people are functional alcoholics, and a lot of them don’t realize they have a problem.

Then he comes home when the sun comes up, after you’ve called him repeatedly with no answer, a few hours before work starts, and you know you’re right. He may not be physically or mentally abusive or falling-down shit-faced all the time, but he’s definitely an alcoholic. You can tell he’s genuine when Drug rehabilitation he says it even though he can’t explain the motives behind his behavior. Sometimes when he’s gone particularly off the rails, there are tears, though overall, he sheds far fewer than you do. Unless he does it in private, but you’d never know because most of the time he acts like it isn’t a problem.

high functioning alcoholic husband

Excuses include stress at work, a long week or they simply enjoy socialising with their friends and family. They always find a reason for turning to alcohol. The latent class analysis model indicated that 19 percent of the individuals in the sample were classified in the functional alcoholic subtype. This figure is often mistakenly quoted as being that 19 percent of all individuals with alcohol use disorders are functional alcoholics. However, that type of generalization is inappropriate as the method to procure the participants for the research does not allow for it. I think we are together today for the second reason children of alcoholics marry alcoholics.

Why I Stayed: A Widow Of An Alcoholic Reflects

My husband is very controlled about his drinking. He drinks only on weekends, so not every day. He waits until 4pm to start and paces himself. He does not appear to be drunk to the untrained eye, although I have learned to see it in his eyes. He does not drive, he does not go out, he pays the bills, makes a good living, is never off work from the effects of drinking. He is not an angry drunk, he just gets stupid and annoying to every one around him.

high functioning alcoholic husband

Sharing space with them is like being with the living dead, but at least they’re quiet. More often than not, however, drunks find some way to be abusiveor even to terrorize their families. After a while, this leads the sober spouse to feel anger, rage, and fear rather than compassion for the drinker. Use this overview to get a concise portrait of an alcoholic and to improve your responses during your interactions with a drinker. This may mean setting ground rules and joining a support group such as Al-Anon, designed specifically to meet the needs of families of alcoholics. I’m so saddened that we’re all dealing with alcoholism in our spouse. I just finished reading all of your messages, and identify with many expressions of anger, deep sadness, worry, frustration, and fear for the future quality of my young marriage.

Then I told my truth, and my purpose unfolded right before my eyes. And the way my people felt an instant brotherhood with me upon reading my confession was as unexpected as it was exhilarating. I was worried that my admission would shame me and get me fired. Instead, it earned me the respect, love, and commiseration of my peers. It makes me tear up to this day to think about the impact coming out had on my life and the relationships that surrounded me. My wife was stunningly beautiful, all of my friends and family were there, and the afternoon was perfectly sun-drenched. I have a lot of magical memories from my wedding and the births of our four children—the kinds of memories that will last a lifetime and sit at the top of my list of proud experiences.

Sign #4: You Drink Too Much Too Often

I believe in the power of prayer, and at this point, I don’t know what other tools I should use. I am so thankful this blog exists and looks at alcoholism in such a personal lens.

Some alcohol users feel admitting there is a problem is what a family needs to hear and is enough for them to back off for a while. Families can get stuck in a holding pattern or waiting game while waiting for the day they address the admitted problem. This is a pattern that should be monitored if it persists routinely.

high functioning alcoholic husband

These withdrawal symptoms can be rather uncomfortable and even dangerous. Tolerance high functioning alcoholic husband occurs when the amount of alcohol that it takes to feel its effects increases.

What Is An Intervention?

If I spent half the time on my business that I do discussing my husband’s latest behaviors with my program and non-program friends I could have a lot more work done. It’s up to me to take my hands, pick up my focus and direct it to where it belongs. I don’t mean put my head in the sand, but acknowledge what is going on around me, accept it, and act on my own behalf – not his. The more we leave their disease to them, the more they are forced to look at themselves and we are forced to look at ourselves and OUR disease. Our energies are free to be put toward our passions, our kids, the responsibilities of life. It has helped me to remember that my husband is a person, first and foremost, and a person whom I love who has a disease, and that I can separate him from it.

high functioning alcoholic husband

I knew there was something wrong when, at 7 months pregnant he came home from a night of partying with his friends and he had no idea where he went or how he got home. He laid down beside my pregnant belly, rubbed it and passed out. high functioning alcoholic husband I woke up the next morning soaked with urine. He was snoring and I thought it was me, being pregnant, but he relieved himself all over me and my baby belly. Little did I know what I was going into after our baby was born soon after.

Denial, Avoidance, Coverups & Lies Go Both Ways In A Functional Alcoholic Relationship Between Two People

You really do feel alone and isolated with this secret. I just want to be normal and not have to walk on eggshells every day. Now that I have a baby I am so furious at him when he tries to argue with me. I normally try to get quiet and remove myself from the situation, but he follows me and gets angrier and says I disrepect him by not wanting to talk with him. No matter the issue he wants to discuss, I already know I cannot win by anything I say bc it always angers him. The only time I was able to make him stop yelling and cursing at me was when he followed me into our babie’s room, where the baby was sleeping, and kept yelling even though I asked him to stop. I snapped and put my hands around his throat and told him to shut up.

However, even high-functioning alcoholics can’t keep drinking problems a secret forever. Key warning signs that people are alcoholics include always ordering alcohol when they go out or struggling to control how much they drink. Boyfriends, girlfriends or partners of functional alcoholics may also experience emotional or relationship problems. If your husband does make the decision to pursue treatment for high-functioning alcoholism, it is an important step, but there is still hard work ahead for both of you.

Correct me if I am wrong – but a ‘real’ alcohol would not – could not – just stop cold turkey. The third stage of alcoholism is usually identified when others begin to show concern for someone’s drinking habits. For those struggling with alcohol abuse, stage three is all about managing the consequences of their drinking. High-functioning alcoholics can cause a variety of issues.

  • If they can just make everyone else and everything else go the way they need it to, all will be well.
  • If you’re suffering from the effects of codependency, it may be time to take a break or distance yourself from the relationship.
  • It’s almost midnight and you’re waiting for your husband to come home.
  • What the program teaches may be common sense to people who don’t have experience with addiction or didn’t grow up in dysfunction or addiction.
  • A few of the friends who knew about Robert’s drinking were worried about my welfare, suggesting that it might be time to leave.
  • Your relationship can quickly go from a healthy, loving relationship to an unhealthy codependent wreck.

He is very intelligent, though he may not admit this himself, and provides well for us. I high functioning alcoholic husband feel he is fading away faster than I can grasp at him; truly I miss who he used to be.

How To Choose A Residential Addiction Program & How To Pay For It

I realized around the time I had my son that my husband was a functional alcoholic. He could drink a 12 pack of beer AND WAKE UP THE NEXT MORNING WITHOUT A HANGOVER. When you consume that much alcohol every night, your body becomes immune and there is no longer a hangover. That should be a tell tell sign that your body no longer processes alcohol the way it is meant to. Most people begin to vomit, have a headache or pay the price for consuming to much alcohol the following day. Even now I know what will happen when we speak.

Author: Jeffrey Juergens

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