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Some of the other features include sunrise and sunset times, true and magnetic north, a sun direction indicator, moon-rise and moon-set times, and a moon direction indicator. This one is better for hikers and boaters more than any other activity. Its self-calibration tool is mostly hit with a little miss, but we don’t have any other complaints. It’s difficult to criticize a free app with no in-app purchases that just works.

You can use an on-demand initialization by implementing WorkManager’s Configuration.Provider interface in your Application class. The first time your application gets the WorkManager’s instance using getInstance, WorkManager initializes itself using the configuration returned by getWorkManagerConfiguration(). Another good constraint to add to Blur-O-Matic would be a setRequiresStorageNotLow constraint when saving. To see a full list of constraint options, check out the Constraints.Builder reference. You added this Cancel Work button, so let’s add the code to make it do something.

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If you’ve ever used Photoshop before, you’ve likely played around with these filters. They don’t work all that great, and “deblurring” is still a very active area of research. The cv2.Laplacian function, as the name suggests, computes the Laplacian of the input image. It computes the statistical variance of a set of data, which in this case is the Laplacian — hence the name “Variance of the Laplacian”.

A good method to backup your device is to use Helium. If you connect your phone to the Helium desktop client, you’ll be able to back up pretty much everything on your phone to your computer without needing to root your device first. The most popular custom recovery is called TeamWin Recovery Project, or TWRP for short.

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Shortcuts are multistep action recipes, and Automations launch actions based on triggers like your location or the weather. Google Assistant claims over a million actions, including things like asking it to play a particular show on Netflix or order a skinny latte at Starbucks. But other major apps have started appearing in Android first, with the recent Facebook Gaming app appearing first on Google’s mobile platform. Both OSes also have impressive photo enhancement software to make your pictures look even better than the sensor and lenses are capable of by themselves. Both can add bokeh to a portrait, and both offer slow motion, panorama, low-light, and time-lapse shooting.

  • The dialer gives better importance of organizing your call logs and contacts for easy access.
  • Apps, Notifications, and Digital Wellbeing are all app-related.
  • That’s pretty much the case with solutions like the Blur – Abine’s other internet security service beside DeleteMe – making this wish become true in a jiffy.
  • One of the distinctive features is non-destructive picture editing.

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