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And the „attack blocked enemies“ plan is bad if you’re up against wraiths, or just enemies that hit so hard tanking them is unfeasible. The enemy attack speed debuff on his s2 will boost the survivability of your tanks, but some things still just hit too hard and Wraiths just zoom right past. Even when blocking does work, his damage bonuses are still competing with the free attacks someone like Meteorite or Shirayuki would be getting. Expect me to be in the Utage thread posting up a storm because I’ve almost E2d her lol.

  • Progressing through the story chapters also lead to the availability of other game modes so pushing to complete each node within it should be top priority.
  • You are probably going to be using other people’s unit and then you’ll be getting them as you play of game.
  • Combat records – these are experience cards for leveling up your operators.
  • Place your Operators on the map, block and kill the oncoming enemies until the counter reaches zero.

The rise and fall of the Reunion Movement is a story of tragedy. The tale of Misha and Alex (a.k.a. Skullshatterer), a brother-and-sister pair. After Alex became infected, their mother is killed fending off an angry mob attempting to lynch him, before he is ultimately dragged off by Ursus officials.


Players should only buy the Permits if they can purchase all sets in the given month, at a total cost of 258 DCs for 38 Headhunting Permits. You can see which 5 and 6 Star Operators are likely to be coming based on the banners for the CN version, which can be seen in our Banner List. The 5 Star Operator that will be purchasable with DCs is the one in the middle of the group of 5 Star Operators.

During a new event, you can often get at least 10 of these due to all the new stages that come with an event. You’ll get one stone for the first 3 star clear and another for passing the hard difficulty of each level. This guide will serve as an introduction for everyone that is desperately awaiting Arknights’ global release. I wanted this to go beyond a typical beginners guide so I’ve included more advanced strategies and information that you can still reference, even after you pass the beginner stage. For Android users wishing to set up, the process is more straightforward and does not require a Chinese phone number!

The Roles Of The Arknights Tier List

She can be purchased from the store for in-game currency. In the A-Ranks, Sora is a unique unit that doesn’t attack, but instead sings to bolster allies and debuff enemies in a set radius. Pramanix can debuff enemy units severely, allowing for Download Arknights APK for Android some devastating damage if paired with a heavy hitter like Ifrit or Eyjafjalla. Mayer can summon robot dogs to block units and deal damage, while Istina is a weaker version of Angelina. Ifrit and Eyjafjalla are both some of the strongest S-Rank units in the game, let alone in their respective class.

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